Chemical peels use agents to peel the outer most layer(s) of skin, allowing newer healthier skin to present itself. Peels can be an individual procedure or a step in multifaceted treatment. We offer a number of different peels with different peel strengths.

Custom Enzyme & Chemical Peels $175

Whether you want an extra glow for an event that night or THE WORKS! We have you covered with a full range of peels including acne, pigmentaion peels. Warning: THE WORKS may cause some flaking and peeling (hence the name) but in the end you will look absolutely FAB!!

O2 ‘luminous’ lift $115

A luxurious‏ novel treatment infuses oxygen, stem cells, peptides and high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin to leave skin luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated in just one application. A Vanity Lab favorite treatment for day of events. Whether its your birthday, new years eve, or you just need to look extra fabulous because you plan to run into an ex, get that extra luminous glow with the O2 lift.

Lightning Lift Peel $175

This highly effective treatment blends lactic and kojic acids with a cocktail of lightening agents to reduce pigmentation and the redness caused by Rosacea.

Wrinkle Lift Peel $175

This ultra-resurfacing blend of Glycolic Acid and retinol visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin firm and revitalized

Acne Lift Peel $175

This potent blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids contains anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and heal acne lesions.

Beta Lift Peel $175

This powerful non-blended Beta Hydroxy Acid treatment quickly and effectively targets and improves grades III and IV acne.

Perfection Peel $175

Our exclusive blend of exfoliating agents are combined with powerful anti-oxidants, correcting peptides and plant-derived stem cells to create “perfection” when treating advanced pigmentation, acne and aging conditions.

Red Carpet Peel/Facial $175

The ZO Red Carpet Peel is used to renew your complexion.  The Red Carpet Peel/Facial smooths away fine to moderate lines, acne, age spots, uneven pigmentation and rough skin texture. Whether you are attending a red carpet event, or just going on a date night, get that celebrity glow!