Natasha has come a long way from being the only girl in heels in the chemistry labs in college to redefining the science of beauty.

With degrees in Kinesiology & science, Natasha originally planned to go into midwifery and spent three years on call for births as a birth doula & lactation specialist, working in hospitals in Canada & Africa. Always having a passion for both the sciences and all things beauty, it wasn’t until she combined the two that she was hooked! She then went on to study medical aesthetics with a curriculum of the highest caliber in the country.

When Natasha isn’t at the lab, you can find her training for her next marathon, chasing after her four beautiful children or eating her favourite vegan meal.

Fun fact: She also speaks a little Mandarin!

Her weakness: Reality TV

Bob vanity_lab



Bob has excelled in the aesthetics industry for over 15 years, taking skin care lines to #1 in the country. Bob joined forces with Natasha and started The Vanity Lab from the beginning. His passion is skin health maintenance and is active in education, training and always attending the most current medical aesthetics conferences, he never wants to miss a beat. We can always count on Bob to bring the latest and greatest back to the clinic. With his business and management expertise, his close attention to customer relations and his passion for skin care it is no wonder Bob is a client FAV.

When we finally give Bob a day off (it’s rare), you can find him spending time with the love of his life, his cat Pippa.

Fun fact: Bob (aka Trusty Sidekick) & Natasha (aka Boss Lady) met as lab partners in University

His weakness: Mayonnaise



Growing up in a family full of doctors she was always interested in the medical field and this is what influenced her to start a career in the medical lab.  After graduating from University in Calgary with a diploma in laboratory technologies, she moved back to her hometown of Victoria to work in the hospital where she spent 7 years drawing blood from patients, preparing samples for diagnostic testing and spending countless hours in the fume hood in microbiology. Like many people we see, she had tattoo regret and after a few treatments of tattoo removal, she quickly became obsessed.  Bethany found her calling and set off on a career in laser aesthetics. She attended the top recognized laser aesthetic school in the country and graduated at the top of her class in Advanced Dermal Skincare, Advanced Clinical Skincare, and Cosmetic Laser Technologies.

When Bethany isn’t at the lab, you will find her spending time with her cat Bandit or looking for the best restaurants where she can enjoy a nice glass of vino.

Fun Fact: Bethany’s initials are BLT

Her weakness: Sour Keys



Sarah is one of the newest faces you’ll see at the lab. She gravitates towards all things beauty and strives to assist her clients feel and look their very best. She graduated from Blanche MacDonald with a diploma in aesthetics and spa therapy 7 years ago, and has worked in medical spas and beauty spas all over the city.

When she’s not obsessing about mastering the latest beauty trend you could find her walking the sea wall with her adorable chow chow Biggie, working up a mean sweat at a spin class, or eating at the best restaurants in town.

Fun Fact: Obsessed with interior decorating

Weakness: Puppies and the Kardashians



Jessica the beauty guru.  When it comes to products and treatments there is nothing she has not researched, tried, or tweaked. She is always eager to offer honest and straight forward cosmetic advice.

When Jessica isn’t traveling, you can find her at new restaurants around the city or at home with her fur baby Eddie.

Fun fact: She is slightly obsessed with Disneyland & goes every year.

Her weakness: Shoes

Mikaela vanity_lab



Mikaela joined our team in 2014 and has been addicted to various products and procedures every since!  She is our ‘go to’ techy person at the Lab and who we go to when we need a fun story or inspiration!

When she isn’t behind her laptop working away, you will find her sipping on wine with friends on a patio, working on her company Pay it Forward Gear, hiking with her fur baby Lincoln, or with her adorable nieces.

Fun fact: Her food cannot touch on a plate and coloured Christmas lights give her major anxiety.

Her weakness: Harleys & Dogs



Noelle has always had an interest in the medical field and worked as a Veterinary Surgical Assistant before she started her training for Microblading. She has an eye for perfection, and has always had a fascination with bold, precise brows (she grew up with biggest unibrow you’ve ever seen on a girl, so her brow shaping training started early). Microblading combines her passions for art, beauty, and science and she loves to be able to create perfect brows for people who were not as blessed in the brow department as she is.

When not working at the Lab, Noelle works as a singer with her band 10 Miles West. In the rare moments Noelle has to relax, you will probably find her snuggled up with her zoo of animals (3 cats, and Tom Brady the dog) watching NFL football, or Netflix!

Fun Fact: Noelle grew up across the street from Bethany in Victoria. Noelle was just one week old when Bethany’s Mom came over with a casserole and they have been friends ever since!

Her Weakness: Rescue Animals

Dr Jalali


Dr. Jalali is an active practicing physician, board certified in both Canada and the United States. He is a part time associate faculty at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Jalali is passionate about medicine whether it is diagnosing and treating a medical condition or helping people look their best and feel better by combining elite medical expertise and artistic skills using Botox and Dermal Fillers.