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indie leeTucked discreetly into an unassuming Yaletown corridor, The Vanity Lab Medical Aesthetics is the epitome of a hidden gem.

Walls are lined with niche, tricky-to-find medi-cosmetics that reflect the spa’s beauty-with-benefits approach, including Oxygenetix foundations (cult-worshipped for their unparalleled ability to simultaneously conceal and treat acne) and organic Indie Lee Squalane-based face oil, which combats sun damage and leaves skin lambent. Treatments are well-priced, purposeful and highly customized to individual needs, spanning the gamut from injectables to seven-plus varieties of chemical peel, the latter of which can nix fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne wherever they may be. Service is key; spa manager Bob Yost, a decennial industry vet, is warmly professional and sincerely invested in protecting and perfecting client’s appearance—which is encouraging (as is the fact that he has the skin of a 16-year-old angel).

If you’re seeking tangible benefits from papering sessions, this spot needs to be on your radar. —Adrienne Matei

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Selfie craze triggers surge in cosmetic procedures

Experts say selfies and Instagram are making procedures like lip injections seem normal

Kimberly Kucharek, 26, says Instagram has had a huge impact on why she continues to get cosmetic procedures like lip injections. “You’re comparing yourself to other girls … so you’re almost always striving for perfection,” she said. “Let’s say you post a selfie and you see another girl post a selfie and you see that she has bigger lips or nicer cheekbones or whatever, and it’s easy to attain, that is when you compare yourself,” she said. Kucharek is a laser technician in Vancouver and first got lip injections when she was 21. She says the constant comparison of selfies has made her feel more insecure. “Because it’s almost rubbed in my face that all these other girls look so perfect in pictures on Instagram … especially since younger girls are coming in, you’re almost doing it to keep up, to look and feel younger,” she said. Kucharek says younger girls are getting lip injections because celebrities like 19-year-old Kylie Jenner — who got lip injections as a teenager — have normalized the procedure.

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7 Places To Get LIPS In Vancouver

Lips: The bigger, the fuller – the better. Pouty lips are in and they’re here to stay. So whether you just need a little something-something, or if it’s the Kylie Jenner pucker you desire (seriously impressive), the centres on this list have aesthetically high standards and will help you achieve the finest lips money can buy.


vanity-lab-666x750The Vanity Lab 

Different from the typical media-spa, The Vanity Lab provides top-quality service while using advanced technology to take care of all your beauty needs – lips included – in a fresh, and fun atmosphere. They specialize in using the highest quality fillers and believe that if you got it, you should flaunt it, and if you don’t – well, they can help you with that.

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Beauty That Doesn’t Wash Off The Vanity Lab

With a team of some of Vancouver’s top beauty miracle workers and advanced medical technology, the Vanity Lab delivers results. Book in for a complimentary in-depth assessment where they create a customized solution plan, mapping out treatment and product options to meet your specific goals and needs. Your dreams of perfect skin are about to come true.

The vanity Lab - Best of the City 2016


It’s no secret that Vancouver is best place to live in the world. Heck, we know it, that’s why we live here! Vancouver has a lot going for it: there’s the majestic mountains, the ocean, the beaches, the parks, and the untamed wilderness at our doorstep.

But what makes Vancouver a truly great city is more than good looks and fortuitous geography. It’s the people who make this multicultural metropolis what it is today. It’s our friends, our families, our neighbours that make Vancouver the best place on Earth.

So for the 19th year in a row, Westender has asked you, the people of Vancouver, our readers, to tell us what makes this city so special. This year a record number of people took part in the online poll, proving once again that Vancouverites love their city, and they’re not afraid to say so.

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the vanity lab ipl photo facial. Good for people with redness, broken capillaries and rosacea, as well as brown pigmentation, sun damage, age spots, discolouration and freckles. The face is the most common area to treat, but intense pulsed light (IPL) can also be used on the décolleté and backs of the hands. People with very dark skin and pregnant women cannot be treated.

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Natasha Cuzner didn’t have dreams of helping to make women beautiful when she was a kid. “I was interested in beauty, but I really wanted to be a scientist and ended up getting my associates degree in science, with a view to becoming a midwife,” she explains. “While I was studying, I became more interested in aesthetics and how you could apply science to beauty. Everyone was telling people what products to use, but I wanted to know what would work on a cellular level.”

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Talking Botox with Sonia Sunger from Global TV

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